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Sustainability, through highly optimized health protection, massive reduction in effort and costs!

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The only patented method of safely removing Asbestos and Artificial Mineral fibers from buldings without compromising the safety of the people.

The FiberEX - Method is certified to reduce the fibers of Asbestos or any other fibrous material to a minimum danger and reduces the needed efforts to a sustainable level never seen before.

What Is Different to
a traditional Asbestos removal


Old method

Known remediation solutions have mainly been used for film development. Their main method is to cover up and then physically remove the Asbestos/fiber material with mechanical methods. An environment with a high concentration of fibers in the air requires the extensive usage of PPE to detoxify asbestos-containing waste. The easily released carcinogenic fiber masses have a lot of risks to the workforce..


FiberEX - method

The FibreEX- Method eliminates most of the airborne dangers associated with the physical removal and creates an environ- ment that allows a simple P2 mask and minimum PPE usage , eliminating most of the 'normal' protection equipment needed in the traditional way of Asbestos/fiber removal.


Old method

Due to the extremely dangerous work environment and subsequent workload and safety precautions needed the cost is very high and the work has a long timeline.


FiberEX - method

The FiberEX - Method was developed to create innovative remediation techniques that enable targeted, hazard-minimized, and effective, economical remediation.


Old method

With only a limited degree of safety the high usage of PPE and safety measures to contain the Asbestos/fiber contamination at any time the current type of renovation is a very expensive and perilous undertaking. Many projects will be reduced to cost factors that are at times exorbitant, making an extensive and sustainable Asbestos/fiber remedial work almost non-existent.


FiberEX - method

The FiberEX - Method will give better protection and a much higher degree of safety to the workforce, A subsequent big reduction in project time and effort to remove the existing carcinogenic fiber masses, saving thousands of DOLLAS in the process for the client.

1. A much better protection and a much higher degree of safety in the workforce,

2. A big reduction in project time,

3. Big financial savings,

4. Making the disposal of the critical mass much more easy and safe.

FiberEX - method

How is it done..
The FiberEX - Method was developed 2014 in Germany under the most advanced and detailed EU/German certifications and legal requirements to ensure a new level of sustainability and safety for the workforce and environment.
A true revolution in Asbestos/fiber removal!
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