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About Us

We Build for People

Fluxdesign Australia

Within the building industry, it’s a sad truth that an environmentally beneficial approach is rarely taken throughout the course of most projects. Many companies believe that it’s either not convenient enough, or costs too much, leading to sustainability often being an afterthought. And, as a result, our planet is suffering the consequences. We need to begin employing more eco-friendly techniques into our building processes, but is it really as simple as that? Is there a cost-effective, simple solution? Most would think not, but we think it is time to take charge of the rally for change, and it all begins with products that are reflecting this. Finding, or designing fantastic products is one thing but to facilitate them into the market is another issue.


We are in constant talks with our partners to ensure quality control and an understanding of the scope of work that is done, always maintaineing open chanels for new sustainability ideas. 


We have taken up to 15 years to get it right before we were happy with the design of a new product. The reliance on oil products and old fashion ideas are often clouding the minds and ways people think. With over 100 yrs of experience in our team, there are a lot of sustainable ideas still coming.


All our products are tested or certified according to the EU/AU or AS Standards. Constant R&D guarantees that any new Standard will be met.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

At its core, Flux Design is aiming to increase sustainability throughout Australia, believing that there’s a large amount of room for improvement when it comes to Australia’s treatment of our environment. Therefore, Flux Design puts the ecosystem first and ensures that every step it takes is towards creating a greener thermal coating that anyone can use.

With the invention of its award-winning Thermal Dynamic Coatings, it’s safe to say that Flux Design is one step closer to revolutionising the building industry forever. The design of our cementitious range of mixed products from waterproofing to Surface renders all have been designed with the environment in mind. Huge CO2 reductions; ChromiumVI and HO2 reduced at levels unknown before are the results. SUSTAINABILITY ONE ON ONE

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