Flux Design Australia

is a sales Brokerage and an R&D company working for the construction, mining and building industry.

We specialise in bringing together Australian products that have a better environmental impact and reduce your environmental footprint in your business by creating and supplying superior products to the industry.

Australia has become a dumping ground for the world's outdated products. Our environmental track record is at best shady and in many cases not conform to the world's environmental rules (Kyoto Protocol/ Paris protocol etc.).

New better technologies and materials are held back resulting in shocking work standards and building site disasters well documented.

Flux Design Australia has taken it on to design find and facilitate local or international products that are better for our environment and our families that can compete with and outperform old and dirty products.

All Flux Design Australia cementitious products will be specially treated to reduce Chromium and will be free of chromium VI; tested according to EN 196.

Flux Design Australia also uses only CO2 reduced cement and binders which can achieve a 85% reduction of CO2 as in our HC-110E super binder, making it the only ‘green’ hydraulic binder in its class on the planet!



Waterproofing Products

HYDRO™ Surface and Flex products that set the standards with market leading strengths and versatility.

HYDRO™ TDC paint giving you a better living environment and lowers your energy bills.

Construction binders

The industries fastest and strongest cement replacements. Unbeaten in their abilities-30-40% better for the environment and fighting for your health!

ECO products

WetEx™ water repellant tested eco sealer/repellant that will keep your family safe! Nano Tech at its best!

HYDRO™ cleaning products eco friendly.

up to 85% less CO2 -  Cr(VI) tested



less C02!



Cementitious Binders
Waterproofing surface Products
Performance accelerator
for Concrete
ECO friendly Products

ALL our binder Mixes can be produced as a non-washout version!

Converter - MPa-psi-pascal-kgf/m²...

watch our TESTING

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