HYDRO™ HC- Binders

HC- K20; multi-purpose hydraulic binder >60MPa; for roads and repairs.

HC- RM70; high-quality medium-weight repair mortar. >70MPa

HC- G90; ready mix high-performance non-shrink self leveling grout. >90MPa


HC- 100; ready mix self leveller for concrete work, benchtops, high-end formwork and smooth finish.

HC- plug60; 60 sec prepackaged ready to use rapid setting mortar water stopping repair kit.

HC- 120; up to 15% CO2 reduced, Ultra high, fast setting hydraulic binder 120MPa; no additives needed.

HC- 110E; up to 85% CO2 reduced, Ultra high, fast setting hydraulic binder 110MPa; no additives needed.

HC- Foam; prepackaged ready to use single pack high yield and strength foaming grout.

HC-Marine mix; ready to use, mix for applications underwater.

HYDRO™ - ConcreteAway concentrate mould release agent.

ALL Binder MIxes can be produced as a

non-washout version!

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