Eco friendly 

WetEx water repellent

Eco friendly surface sealer and repellent for cementitious and mineral surfaces Nano Technology over 180 EU- TÜV tests! 

HYDRO™ PowerClean

Eco friendly super concentrated degreaser for food and heavy duty cleaning

HYDRO™ BigBlue

Concentrated surface sanitiser, antibacterial, rapidly remove the thickest grime and dirt, mildew, soap scum and bacteria - Biodegradable

HYDRO™ HandWash

Eco friendly concentrated hand wash with scrubber agent - Biodegradable

HYDRO™ HandWash Gel

Eco friendly concentrated hand wash with Glycerin and Lanolin -  Biodegradable

HYDRO™ HandSanitiser

INSTANT hand sanitiser 70% alcohol

CEM-Protector ™ 1000 P

for reduction of water-soluble Chromium VI in cement, cementitious mixes, blast furnace slag, metal powder, fly/filter ash, metal paste and metal ash.